Expert Service

Spring Replacement

If you have a broken spring, chances are the door will only go up part way and will look like this –

unless you have a Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Spring in which case you wont be able to see it. We also replace those systems for less than they will replace their springs. Their cost is less than $20 for the springs and they charge $269.00 plus tax at last I checked, we will replace that system with a normal spring system that every other door uses for $255 including tax. On any door, we do not replace your springs with springs that are close to right… We put on the correct size of springs on your door every time and will show you how you will know. 

Double spring replacement is usually $199 for 16×7 doors

Single spring replacement is $139.00

We get to you fast – WE know how frustrating it is to have a non working door.